When you buy direct, you support The Artist!

When I started this journey (I didn't record Live Through This until I was 40, in 2011), I went at it the old school way - I pay to produce the music, and hope you're willing to spend your hard-earned money on my stuff. That might sound quaint in the crowd-funding world, but I'm an uncomplicated and independent guy, and I think that concept is elegant in its fairness and simplicity. If you enjoy the songs, buy them, and I'll make more. 

There are a few options and packages with cool extras for download in my online store, including the the remix of Signs by Grammy-winning producer/engineer/artist Malcolm Burn. Here's a Northern Life article with some of the story of how we ended up working together.

Whether you pick up Live Through This, or Signs, or both (MY preference, because I can't pick a favourite), CD or download, I hope you end up loving both albums as much for their differences as for their similarities. The musicians really gave it their all, and the music and lyrics I write come from my heart and soul. There's more new music coming soon, so go to the bottom right-hand corner of my home page and become a part of my community!

Thanks for your support!!