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The Puckhogs RIDE AGAIN!!

This past spring, The Puckhogs got together for a chat (okay, beer - we got together to drink some beer), and decided that it might be the right time to release an album. You know, because it's been almost three years since we came runner up in the CBC Song Quest for the Next Great Canadian Hockey Song, so everyone will have forgotten us and we'll have zero momentum. LOL. 

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Between selling the song to raise money for The Human League of Sudbury and playing the Rogers Hometown Hockey gig, and having to explain to people that we weren't really a band and couldn't just show up to play the one song, I guess we lost track of time. But better late than never they say, so over the past while we've been writing songs and doing pre-production for an album we hope to have out before Christmas! (Given our sense of timing, Victoria Day Long Weekend might be more like it, but we'll keep you apprised of our progress over at The Puckhogs Facebook page, which you really show throw a LIKE at.)

Here are some shots from the Artifact Media studios!


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You can still purchase the song at Bandcamp - it'll help with costs. Even though we're doing most of it at Brent's and we can cover off most of the instruments, we'll still be bringing in other musicians to round out the sound, and may even have some CDs printed for your holiday gift giving. (Or May Long Weekend shenanigans!)

ANYWAY, that's our story for now! There's plenty more to come, so stay tuned!!



Jumpstart Kids with the Puckhogs

Very excited to announce that The Puckhogs' partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart is OFFICIAL!

We now have a tab at their Facebook page, so people coast to coast can help us raise money to help kids get in the game with our song, For the Love of the Game! The 2nd place song in the CBC Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest, out of 1000+ entries.

We're donating the first $5000.00 in sales to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program. Download your copy at

Here's a Sudbury Star articleall about our latest initiative!


THANK YOU Canadian Radio

New radio stations are coming onboard week after week. We are now coast to coast with Cool Side of the Pillow, from Prince Rupert, BC, to Liverpool, NS, and several stops in between, including my summer home, Manitoulin Island, on 100.7 The Island! 36 radio stations are now spinning the song in regular rotation and I'm VERY grateful.

Check out this article from the Sudbury Star, Songwriter Looking to Crack New Markets

Cool Side of the Pillow (radio version) is now available online, EVERYWHERE! iTunes CD Baby (MP3/FLAC)

Cool Side of the Pillow Receives International Airplay

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Cool Side of the Pillow Released Worldwide!

Spring is definitely in the air, and the radio remix of Cool Side of the Pillow has gone out to radio stations across the country! Hoping to share the positive country reggae vibes and give us all a feel good song for the summer!

It is YOUR support that got me this far, my friends, and I am forever grateful. :0)

AND - Europe is discovering the Cool Side of the Pillow too!

Cool Side of the Pillow was co-written with Alan Glass. Check out his credits here and here! Aretha Franklin, Kenny G, George Benson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Maxi Priest, goes on. And I am very pleased to have worked with my good friend and producer, David Case, on bringing this project to the rest of Canada. It all started in a grocery store... and I hope you get a chance to hear the story on the radio!

Here's an article that came out April 4th in the Northern Life!1622477 10153998179635054 2130660755 o