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I live in Copper Cliff, Ontario (home of the Super Stack), just outside of Sudbury, with my wife and kids. As complicated as life can get, I still try to find balance and keep it simple. Family. Friends. Roots. Community. Compassion. Honesty. Food for the body and soul. Love.

And songwriting – lots of songwriting.  

I’m excited to share my songs with fans and other artists who are equally passionate about what they listen to, perform, or write. Music and words are my canvass, but I’m open to exploring other forms of artistic expression. It’s all about collaboration and sharing, and generally working together to create something beautiful, no matter where you are in the world. 

Hang out awhile, drop me a line if you’re inclined, and enjoy the tunes. Peace.


Recent Blog Posts

My day job is writing. I write freelance on contract. I write music. You’d think when I wasn’t working I might find something else to do. You’d be wrong. (Juuust kidding  - sometimes I read. Or cook…and then write about it.) So I have this blog about stuff, music and otherwise. Enjoy!

Dear Bernie or Busters – we really need to talk

Look, I’m feeling terrible for you, I really am. I’m sitting up here in my democratic socialist paradise, and there you are, having to explain to people that offering free health care doesn’t make you a communist, or worse. It is to weep. The news is not good. Clinton and Trump are deadlocked. How this can be, I honestly do not know. Trumps cons far outweigh his pros. I know – what fucking pros?

Other than being “not Hillary.”

National Anthems – let's turn down the suck

A couple of the things I truly LOVE to do are write songs, and challenge cherished notions, narratives and paradigms. And anyway, I figured as a songwriter, I should actually write something about music now and again, so today I’m putting them together.

Pride and Prejudice (and Chick-fil-A)

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June is Pride Month. The rest of it will happen under a cloud, but with the grim irony of Sunday morning's events will come a grim determination to carry on and reinvigorate the movement. Gay people have been here before. They are resilient. And they have more allies than ever.

I also know that along with the Pride parades will come the annual push back and disingenuous questions like, "How come there are no STRAIGHT parades?!", and, "I don't care what they do, but do they have to do it in PUBLIC?!", and, "I support them, but do they have to put their lifestyle in my face?!!" 

Here, I found this for you. Maybe it'll clear things up a bit.

About Sean

Sudbury, Ontario-based songwriter Sean Barrette mines his northern roots for an earthy, acoustic-based sound that deftly mixes county, rock, reggae, and pop influences. He garnered critical acclaim with his 2011 debut album, Live Through This, and 2013’s Signs.

According to Grammy Award-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Junkhouse), Barrette is “one of Canada’s best songwriters.”

Sean gained national exposure as co-writer and member of The Puckhogs, with their song, For the Love of the Game, placing runner up out of over 1000 entries in the national 2013 CBC Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest.

In 2014, Barrette attracted the attention of industry legend, Producer/Songwriter Alan Glass (Earth Wind and Fire, Aretha Franklin, Temptations, Maxi Priest, Kenny G.). Together they achieved cross-Canada radio airplay with a Glass produced radio remix of his song, Cool Side of the Pillow. This past Christmas, they repeated that success with Angel On My Tree, which they hope will become a new Christmas standard.

Sean’s talent for seeing the big picture, making heartfelt connections, and creating an atmosphere of respect, honesty and laughter have helped him manifest a large and growing circle of family, friends, and likeminded artists and business relations.


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